God break every porverty in my life

by Marvelous Monday (Lagos State. NIGERIA)

O lord my God,please help me am dying of hungar me and my family. GoD I have no job and am the first born of my parent,God pleae help me. Am soke whit porvety none of my family is able to go to school because my parent can not afford school fees,my younger got married at the age of 18 because no money for her to go to school,my brother died because we don’t have money to take him to the hospital .my lord my God please help me to fight this battle of porvety,my father as no job n my mother as no job,o lord I run to lagos to come and look for job and nothing is working fine for me!heavenly father I have no job,father I promise if you give me job and my family I we praise you for ever and ever more Amen .

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