God Bless me with a new job as soon as possible.

by Juani (Texas)

Dear Lord,

I am here to thank you for all you give every day, I always need your help and protection. Please, help me to get a good job where I don’t need to drive long ways. It is a possible opening in the local school, but I need to pass a test to get a certification. Please send me The Holly Spirit to give me light an knowledge that I can pass this exam.

Please Lord, let the principal call me and offer me this job. He spoke to me three weeks ago and he told me that he will call, but he did not call me yet. Dear Lord please help me to get this possition, it will be beneficial for my whole family, and possible I will recover my son this summer, but first of all it to get a job in this town.

You know all my problems and my suffering but I keep my faith in You, My Lord, please help me to find solutions to my troubles and a good new job will be a good beginning in this difficult time.

I thank you my God and My Lord for your guidence and you Love for my son, my family, and me your daugther.

I love you God, and please forgive me for all my mistakes that I am living in a permanente panishment, please give me a better live for my son and for me too.

I love you Dear God, my Lors and my Savior.


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  1. a blessing from are lord jesus christ to get a job

    Dear lord today we ask you for a special miracle for my fiancee Jesus to get a job . We have been searching and not found nothing we are in desperate needs at this point . Lord open your hand to the doors to open for Jesus to get a job we have not gived up we have faith that something will come are way soon . People out there like us I wish you also the best the lord is there ask him have faith no matter what happens thank him every day you wake up another day you have your health your love ones were in desperate needs to the point were gonna hit rock bottom but are lord has something special for us so I my fiancee wish all those who are in the same situation pray to are lord Jesus christ to bless those who are in search also for a job the miracle will come god only know why . Amen

  2. God is our provider

    Dear Juanie,

    Remember God answers our prayers. This prayer really speaks to me as I need a job too. Never give up hope God is our provider.

  3. God bless me with a new job as soon as possible.

    please pray for me and my wife to be blessed by baby. We are waiting for 8 years.

  4. God bless me with a new good and permanent job

    Please pray with me in Jesus name as I ask for a new better paying job for me and my brother…Lord I trust in you alone

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