God Almighty I am in need of a permanent Job

by Shalin (Australia)

Lord Jesus, I feel so helpless, disturbed, anxious, angry, hopeless, frustrated and depressed. I do not want these negative feelings to take over me my Lord. Have been in in Australia for Almost a year now and am looking for a permanent job opportunity.

I thank you Lord for giving me an opportunity to work on a temp role that went on for more then 6 months, and now with blessing me with another temp assignment for 3 months, i pray to you Lord that i be able to work in this new place starting tomorrow and give my very best, help me understand my work and love it, bless me so that i have a good work environment and cooperative people around me.

Please Lord Jesus bless me so that i find a permanent job a one that i can do well at and i can utilize all the skills you have blessed me with, help me to get a secure job with a positive work environment and good people. Help me finish my current assignment with a good reference and help me concentrate and understand everything i need to do and i will give in my 100% to the job.

PLEASE Lord bless me with a permanent job i leave everything in your hands, I am your child and i know you wont abandon me, help me have greater faith and belief so that i don’t fall prey to depression and that i have patience that you will give me the best i deserve my Lord and please give me patience to wait for the same.
Love you Lord

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