Giving up and stuck

by Mj ()

I’m so tired of being stuck and literally not making any progress with my school, and more specifically my doctoral dissertation and IRB and candidacy approvals this month and graduation requirements and application for next month so I can graduate this May 2021. I have been struggling with meeting deadlines every week or month for the past 2 years, and know part of it is severe depression and anxiety and I’m just immobilized, and ruminations and no progress is made after spending 8-10 hours a day. I don’t get it, and sometimes I believe it’s spiritual warfare and don’t know how to overcome it either even though I pray every day and sometimes 2-3 times a day. My heart and spirit are also so discouraged because some people have said they would help me and then within a week or two they disappear and stop communication with me ,and I keep thinking they were sent by God to help me and finally answered my prayers, but then I don’t hear from them anymore and I just don’t understand why and I asked God why and just lost. I have given up and just don’t know what else to do anymore, and I’m exhausted with the way my life has turned into after years of praying and believing God for this and school. I’m asking for hope and answers from God and to graduate this semester spring /summer at the latest 2021 with my PhD to help others. Thank you and blessings to you and your family and ministry.

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