Giving all thanks and Praises to the father, son, and the holy spirit.

by Domaneka (Atlanta)

Our father son, and the holy spirit. I thank you for being God almighty alpha and omega, creature of heaven and earth. I thank you for your unconditional love, your grace, and your mercy. I thank you for blessing the sick and the poor. Proving for them each and everyday with food shelter and clothing. Thank you for blessing me, my family, and the sick with love, peace, divine health, and strength. I thank you for blessing my church. Listening to everyone prayers and meeting their needs each and everyday. Thank you for blessing me with my job ive had for a while and thanks for opening doors of opportunities. Thanks for blessing all my friends, giving them the strength and the wisdom to overcome and obstacle. Thanks for for forgiving me of all my sins. Anything ive said or done that’s not pleasing to you. Please help me fight temptations, help me to control my tongue, and strengthen me in all my weaknesses. Help me to become strong black independent women. I thank you for most importantly having your son Jesus christ die for our sins nd shed his blood on the cross for us.

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