Give us the means, Lord.

Dear God Allmighty,

I am grateful for the health I still have,
I am grateful for the blessings I have received that with it I now can still light my home, prepare food on the table and have a line to this site,

Dear God Allmighty,

I am blessed with the friends I have,
The good company they keep,
The air that I breath and the warmth that is a blanket and a bed,

Dear God Allmighty, forgive me as I unburden my woes and plead upon Your Presence,

I have lost my job.

My money taken away by those who take it by force in your name no less. Forgive them for they do not know what they do.

I have nearly no other source of income but by using the two hands that You have blessed me with, my mind that You have blessed me with and the will that You have granted me with.

But forgive me Lord that even this seemed to fade as none would want me to do what I can for them.

And without a steady source of income I fear that I can no longer sustain what is needed to ensure our survival.

Dear God Allmighty,

As much as I have received your blessings I am ashamed to say that I have to ask for this help from You.

To ask you to guide me to a job that is pleasing to You.

That can ensure at least a roof, a bed, food, water and ensure our survival so that we can at least still pray to You.

Dear God Allmighty,

If there are others that are in more need than mine that You deem it better for them to have such plenty, Your will be done.

But please do not forget us when we ask You in our times of need.

Give us the chance to obtain the means to feed ourselves, the means for our abode and the means to our health.

Bless us with these means so we can stand for our own and grace us with Your blessings.

Dear God Allmighty,

Forgive me if I ask too much.

In these times of uncertainty please protect us.

In times of need, help us fulfill our needs.

In times of strife, bring us peace.

For You are our Lord.


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