give thanks to God almighty and St Jude for answering my prayers

by Sasa (South Africa)

Father God,today i wanna thank you for hearing and answering my prayers.ive been praying day and night asking u to bring the man i truly love back into my life and you did that i speak right now we are back together and happy.i dont knw what more to say,im at a loss for words because of your love.oh father indeed you are an awesome God and i thank you for your unconditional love,everything u have done and all you are yet to do for me,most importantly for leading my boyfriend back into my life again.please fill both our hearts with much love and forgiveness,and please protect our love nd make it blossom,dont let anything separate us again and bless us with marriage so we can be a happy family.thank you so much lord jesus,i love you so much the mighty name of jesus


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