Give strength and protect my family from evil doers

by Krishna (Springfield Gardens)

Dear Lord, protect my family. Make us feel safe and happy again in our own home. Help rid us of evil and guide us father. I beg you father make our home a happy home once again. Rid us of our enemies that are next to us and are out to harm us and do evil. Give us strength to go through each day as it comes. Lord, rid us of our evil, wicked and bulling neighbors that do the devils work. Evil has come upon us and we beg for your help to rid our home of evil and bring sun shine to our home once again. Make us feel safe, loved, and happy once more. I know you will hear our prayers Lord, you never make your children suffer for too long. Help us father, hear our cries, because we have been crying for a long time. We beg you lord, help make us happy once more in our home. We love you Lord and we serve you only.

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