Give Our Family The Strenghth to Move Forward

by Zoe (Oxford, UK)

Dear Lord,

I am praying to you now with the belief in your good grace. Please take away all of the conflict and chaos that is surrounding me and my family. Allow us all to be open and honest with each other to resolve our differences. Give us strength and courage to put right all of our wrongs both past and present. Allow us to let go of any fears, doubts and bitterness that we may have about each other. Shine you everlasting ray of sunshine down on us. Replace the longlasting hurt and pain that is so deep in our hearts with love, care, support compassion and understanding.

Whichever way you choose I will accept gracefully knowing you are doing it to give us the strength and courage we need to move forward as a family filled with happiness and peace forever.

In your good name
Hear my prayer


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