Give me the stregnth to love myself again

I need help to get my self esteem back. I’ve been married six months he moved into my home and in those six months my bank account has been emptied my credit is destroyed and were about to be evicted from an apartment I’ve had for 5 years and the car will most likely be repod. The worst is that everything is always my fault even though I’m the one working as he quit his job and then takes my paycheque. He makes me feel worthless and that no one else would want me. The biggest insult was tonight in front of my face he made me leave the apartment were about to lose so he could talk to his girlfriend. I have given everything bit I just want out and I don’t see a way. I’ve even thought about suicide just to stop. That’s the ultimate sin even more so then divorce. Please give me strength to start over again and that people are not like this. I used to be a really positive and outgoing person I want that back. I have not even told my family or closest friends how bad it is though I think my best friend somewhat has an idea of what is happening. I just want peace and to be free and happy.