Give me the opportunity Lord.

Dear Lord,

I have been searching for job that I can turn into a fruitful career. I have worked hard in my studies and would love the opportunity to put my degree to good use. I love you my Lord and have been patient and I trust and know that you have your reasons.

My Lord I’m beginning to feel lost and restless, I feel stressed and disappointed because I am never selected for the positions I apply for. I ask my Lord that you may give me the strength and motivation I need to keep going. I ask that I may get hired for one of the many positions I apply for. Help me find a good job, please my Lord give me the opportunity. I will not take it for granted, I thank you for all you have done for me each and everyday.

Please my Lord be with me in my mind and souls and help me fulfill my desire of having a good career and being able to meet my responsibility and provide for my loved ones. I trust in you and believe that you will help me find the job of my dreams. Amen.

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