Give me strength to let go

Father in heaven, I know this is a challenge You’re putting me through. But my heart has never ached as much as it is aching right now. When will I ever learn to let go? I thought he was the one. I dreamed of forever with him, and now all i feel is lost and scared. I don’t want to give up on love but i’m scared to try again. How will i ever learn how to trust again? Lord, the pain is killing me. I can’t do anything without feeling it. I wish he knew how much it hurts to be taken for granted. I wish he knew how much i want him to be the one. How much i wish i can trust him again. Father in heaven, please stop the tears. Help me find my way back to happiness. i’ve always believed that i will become stronger, but i just can’t believe what i am going through now. I know there are people out there having it worse but this broken heart is consuming me. Please don’t let me get through this alone Lord. What do i do when the only one who can take the pain away is the one causing it? I feel lost and tired. I’m tired of feeling this way. And i really don’t know how to get through another night. Please help me find my strength. Help me find my way back to happiness. In Jesus’ name, i pray, Amen.

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