“Give Me Strength To Be Strong”

by Mproperty (Kissimmee, Florida)

Dear God I come to you humble with a open mind and heart. I feel as helpless as a little child. I ask you God to “Please Give Me Strength To Be Strong” to get through what I’m going through. Everyday life worries, ups and downs, trials and tribulations. My dear father “Please Give Me Strength To Be Strong”. To keep my head up high and look to the sky for you are all I need to survive. To not let my heart be troubled and not to put my trust in Man but in you my dear Father. Because I know I have been in situations when I felt like my back was up against the wall and you was there for me. But sometimes as human flesh we get impatient and feel like we don’t have the strength to go on. But through it all you have been my guidance, my help, my protector and my friend. And I just want to say Thank you beacuse you have been so good to me. I ask you to please shield me from the hand of the enenmy for he is out to try to destroy me but the devil is a liar. God “Please Give Me Strength To Be Strong” to be able to stand tall when the storm comes. I put my trust in you Oh my heavenly father “Please Give Me Strength To Be Strong” I’m crying out to you “Please Give Me Strength To Be Strong”! I lift up my potiction to you my dear father this day. This battles not mines it’s the Lord.


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