Give me Strength this day

by Paula ()

Lord, I’m standing in need of your help. There are people who seem to hate me for one thing or another. Unfortunately, these people are supervisors at my job. I need you to give me some peace and joy. Since starting work it seems that supervisors and principals are out to get me for one thing or another. My character, my mind and my soul is under attack and I can’t get a break. At this point I am convinced that they hate me. But as the Bible says though they hate me yet will I trust him. Help me lord help me in my unbelief. Give me the strength to go on, help me to learn of my job, shield me from all hurt harm and danger. Help me Jesus for you are the one and only I can talk to. I’m putting all trust in you to help me get through this. Thank you for keeping me in times of trouble hurt harm and danger. Help me to find a job for my last three years the I will love and enjoy away from such toxic people. I need you now lord I need your love, strength and joy. I’m in such pain and agony. I need you for a boatload of things. Please lord give me a reprieve. Help me to find a way out. Give me joy unspeakable joy. I love you so much for giving my mom answers to her sickness love and keep her and heal her. Grant me with answered prayers hear my cry. Fix me God. Strengthen me this day. I’m pleading God for answers to my prayers. I’m sorry lord for the things I have not done. For the way I have hurt you by not praying to you every day. Blessings and miracle to my mom. Healing love joy and peace be granted to us both. I have nothing therefore I am nothing. Help me each and every day lord. My mind is under attack give my weakened body strength. Thank you Lord Jesus for your patience and strength to keep
me standing. I do wish at times I could end it because things are extremely hard right now. But God, my children, but God my family, but God my health, but God my health, but God my new position that is on the way. Thank you Jesus for enlarging my territory for removing toxic and darkness enlarge my territory for a new position, for helping my mood, giving my joy unspeakable joy in darkness. Lighting up my world. I say all these things yet will I trust you though they slay me. Thank you thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏼 thank you thank you thank you lord for everything.I love you with all my heart ♥️ Finding Peace from the source! Jesus the Christ my Lord and Savior Forever and Ever. Thank God Amen 🙏♥️🙂

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