Give Me Strength OH Merciful God

by Yvette (Baltimore, Maryland)

Heavenly Father Most Gracious, loving and merciful God Holy is Thy Name in The Mighty Name Of Jesus Please allow Your Kingdom To Come and if It is Your Will Holy Father let it Be Done on Earth as It Is In Heaven! Holy Father in Jesus’s Blessed Name I am asking That You rain Blessings down on my housing situation. Father God I am faced with so many financial burdens that have become overwhelming and now because of my mismanagement of Your Funding Father Eviction has been set before Me! Heavenly Father Most forgiving and Merciful God I am asking You Father for Forgiveness of this terrible thing that I have caused and because Father You said to ask in Jesus Name, I am asking in Jesus name that You have Mercy on Me and to allow Me and My Family to stay in Your Home that You have provided for us just a while longer and Holy Father please give Me the strength to maintain from this day on if it is Your Will!

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