Give me strength Lord

by Jacqueline ()

Dear Lord, please give me strength to be able to look my child’s father in the eye in court tomorrow. Please help me to forgive him and let go of all resentment I’ve had towards him in the past. Please let me to move on from his negative ways. Let me to forgive his soul who tried to force me into having an abortion. Please allow me to grow by seeing him and to be able to walk out of that court room in peace. Knowing that all things he’s put me and my child through are a learning process of the past. Please help me to focus on the good I see in my child that is half of his father. Please help my heart to heal from the great ordeal of hurt Lord. Please pray for his soul and allow him to become the man he has the potential to be. The father that my son deserves. Please heal his hurting spirit and take away all of the hate that he harbors in his heart. Please allow him to find his way to you Lord, so that you may guide him to the path that was intended for him. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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