Give me strength

by Carm ()

Please give me strength to move forward and leave the garbage behind, because their day will come.

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  1. By garbage do you mean an ex?

    If the answer is yes, then leave it far far away. In fact run! YOU deserve so much better. Trashy people do not deserve your love, they do not deserve your kindness, they do not appreciate you for the person you are. And they never will because they do not know what love is. But you my dear, must have the type of love you seek from someone else.. You must have that type of love for yourself. LOVE YOURSELF MORE. And then no one can put you down or make you feel inadequate. You are SO SPECIAL because there is No One else like You! Dont ever allow anyone else to mistreat or disrespect you. Time heals all. Have strong faith in the Lord our God. And know your worth. Because you are far more pecious than jewels.

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