Give me liberty or I’ll accept death

by Donyel (Nashville)

I am homeless, It’s Cold out. I have an immediate opportunity for housing that expires, but no resources, I am always hungey and I am dying. Will, I die on the cold, cold streets? Low income. Anyway, JESUS is my LORD. The Blessed Mother is my mother, The HOLY SPIRIT is my Comforter, This Guardian Angel is my guide. GOD the Father is my Sustainer. Why am I loosing these battles. I take the Bible Verbatim. As GOD’s personal Truth. And Am hurt daily by disappointments and inaccuracies in life.

What’s crazy, I can’t stop believing. So it hurt’sbecause. The problem has to be me, Not the Bible or GOD or any one in and of Heaven. It’s me. I am rapidly moving toward suicuide. Just to See GOD face to face and have that talk before I am banished. I hurt. It’s mental Anguish, It’s emotional turmoil, Its spiritual confusion.

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