Give me hope in Jesus’ name

Thank you for praying for me and my children. Lord, I feel overwhelmed and afraid. I am a recently divorced father who lost his children and is losing his home. I have been unemployed for a half a year and thanks to you now have been given an offer for a job. I am feeling overwhelmed by an anxious heart…please give me the courage to face this challenge, to accept that this is the test of my life and to get through these coming weeks without being panicked or crippled with doubt and fear. Help me rest my mind and body at night and wake up and face each day with renewed purpose and with all your angels helping me and protected me each day. I feel this is a test that I am going through and I need your intervention now more than ever to help strengthen me and my faith. Please God help me in Jesus’ name. Guide me in your hands through this adversity that I face so that I can face each day with courage and grace. Let me be a good example of how to handle adversity on the days I do see my two young children. Let me be the steady example to them of how to endure and push on through even though things seem challenging. I need to start my new job, show excellence in my work to retain this new position that calls for a calm spirit, grace and skill. I have to also pack what is left of my marital home by myself, put everything into storage and find a place to stay in the next four weeks while simultaneously keeping my demanding new job that begins in one week, whilst spending court specified parenting days over Thanksgiving with my children (thank you for that blessing God). In you and with you all things are possible Lord. I ask you to help me stay calm, have courage and remember that you are with me wherever I go through. Help me keep going and help me to due all that is necessary to handle all these challenges facing me this Thanksgiving through Christmas. A new life awaits me in 2015. I know you have great plans for me that I can’t see yet. Help me keep going with a peace in knowing it is all part of your plan to make my new life and the lives of my children and divorcing spouse for the better. In Jesus name I pray these things, help all of us…and please help me and the mother of our children communicate in the spirit of good will and let us no longer argue with one another and help me forgive her and forgive myself. Help me to deal with all these challenges with loving kindness and no bitterness towards her, just acceptance and grace and cooperation, so that our children will not be in the middle of such an acrimonious divorce. Help us all. Please lighten my heart and help me to trust in you and help me to do my part with courage each day. Please take away the anxiety in me as I must function with a clear and unafraid heart and mind each day as the hour fast approaches that I have to accomplish these things…… amen.

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