Give me a life that serves Christ

by Aaron (Florida)

Holy God, Lord of all creation…..I pray that you send you Spirit upon me and all who read this, give us your Spirit of peace and love. Let us dwell within your Power and promises. Give us the strength to have faith, to believe the truth – the Gospel.

Many of us have gone astray, we have believed things would be different in life, that you would miraculously change our behavior. It hasn’t happened. Maybe it has for some. For us, those who still live in pain and torment, may you deliver us from our actions. Please Lord, we beg of thee, to remove our defects, place your loving arms around us, instill within us your Holy Spirit and let us see the Light as it is! Give us the true feeling of love and let us change into the true form – a child of God.

This world is so corrupt, so “soaked” in the Devil and his ways. Give us the power to resist Sin, Death and the Devil!!! We want to be good. We want to change our lives but we cannot without your help.

You left your Father’s throne above, so free and infinite your grace….emptied yourself of all but love and bled for Adam’s helpless race…amazing love, how can it be? That You my God would die for me, for us…..what an amazing love you have for us – to let your only Son die for the sins of the world. Something we should not have, we do not deserve.

But you have done it, this action proves the love you have for us – there is no greater love than the love you have for us Lord.

May we continue to serve your kingdom and bring others to the peace of your Gospel and love!

Take away my addictions Lord, no matter how good drugs and alcohol feel, they are a dead end road, eventually the pavement ends and there is nowhere to go except to pain and destruction. Deliver us Lord, from ourselves. Give us power to accomplish your work and to kill the sinful nature within us, at least enough to be in your grace.

To all who read – God bless you – I wish I could meet you, pray with you, talk with you about how much hope is in the Lord!

If the website owner would allow it, if you would like to talk, contact me at [email protected]

Blessings to all and may Christ Jesus bestow a spirit of peace and hope within you!!