Give God Thanks for all!

by Denise (Laurel, MD)

I am 45 years old and going through what feels like the hardest season of my life. I have always called God for every situation, good bad or different and I have always felt his guide through my life.

I have not always listen to the directions that I absolutely knew were right but I knew that too and always knew when to repent and why my mistakes were my mistakes were my mistakes. God has loved me so much that harm has never come my way – he has never forsaked me through unemployment, I have never been homeless, hungry or shamed.

I am the middle sister of two brothers, one (1) year older and (1) 3 years younger, I have a 20 year old daughter. my daughter was assaulted last year and I fell apart and lost my job- my brothers and daughter have always seen me survive with victory and have turned to me for the answer, the prayer, the financial support, the place to call home. now for the first in my life I have come to the end of the road – I cry daily but know God is watching ready to perform the supernatural as he always has for me right before my eyes.

I cant even imagine him letting me fall before the eyes of my brothers and child knowing how much he loves us and wants me to testify to the world how far I fell and far up he brought me back through prayer and faith in the blink of an eye! AMEN

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