Gina and Joe find each other again.

by Gina (South Crolina)

I’m requesting prayer for me and Joe to find our way back to each other. I’m praying for restoration, rejuvenation and rekindling of our relationship. We both love each other, but we have allowed the devil to get in and separate us. I ask that God will remove all negative thoughts, words, ideas, pictures and people from our lives. For us to both see the good in each other. For us to be kind, honest, faithful and gentle to each other. We just both need to let go of all the petty stuff and get back to loving each other.I ask that god will step in and intervene in our relationship, and make it more loving, happy and stronger that it;s ever been. My birthday is Sunday, January 15th and I am praying that God will allow us to spend it together. Please pray that I’m always on Joe’s mind and always in his heart. Thank you all for your heartfelt prayers. I wish for god to bless each of you.

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