Getting married to my love

by Divya (Kerala, India)

God please hear ma prayer, i really need help on this. I have been in love with a guy who is from a different religion for past 5 years. I started this relationship coz i had inner call saying that this is my husband. Around three people came and told me that i will marry the person who will propose u soon. And it happend. Initially i wanted to know that this was the same person coz i rejected his request and prayed that if he is mine then he will come back. After one day he came to me and said i cannot live without u. And then we started our relationship and it is going fine for last 5 years. But now his dad is forcing him to get married to some other girl. And they are going to fix his marriage by next month. His father is a very stubborn person and once he decide something he will never change his decision. Am helpless. We both are devastated. I dont knw what to do. Please help me get my loved one back and help us both to live happily with our parents through out our life. Please god help me get through this difficult period of my life.

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