Get out of IRS debt

by MTD (Suisun City, Ca)

Lord please bless us that we will be able to overcome this IRS/State debt that we are going through since our tax preparer messed up our taxes for 2013, 2014, & 2015. My husband is trying to withdraw from his 401K to pay this debt, & it’s going to be hard because he will be penalized for early withdrawal & charge taxes. I hope that our debt be erased & find out that we don’t owe anything. As it is going to be harder to put back the money my husband is going to be withdrawing. I also need help in obtaining full time employment, I have gone through so many interviews only to be rejected so many times. I’m so exhausted & weary. I don’t think I can handle anymore rejections. We are praying for a financial blessing enough to pay off what we owe in debts to ease our burden coz we are barely making both ends meet. Brothers & sisters please join me in praying together the petitions we bring to our Lord. In Jesus name we pray. May the Lord bless each & everyone who come together in Union of His Name. God bless!

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