General Prayer

by Isabella ()

Angel Strickland and korey white sprayed me with something that caused me to feel high then korey knocked on my door and pretended to like me I winded up having sex with korey and I don’t know how I did not want him I did not want to have sex so the next day I tried to kill myself because I knew he took advantage of me after I came back from the hospital I tried to talk to korey and angel korey laughed at me it hurt my feeling and made me feel suicidal again I tried to continuously kill myself because of it I wanted to be a minister in the church instead korey and angel tricked me angel said she didn’t believe me and slammed the door in my face but after that she kept spraying me and putting herself in my path to fight me she tried to cause me to have a car accident several times she followed me around and accused me of stalking her then she started using her friends and family to attack me to Angel Strickland and korey white spyed on me at the time I was trying to get pregnant by my ex boyfriend instead my ex raped me and tried to kill me angel Strickland purposely got pregnant just to out due me and tease me then she announced that she was having her baby induced on my birthday I feel hurt that GOD blessed angel to get pregnant after she made me give up my visitation she made my daughter sick and she tried to push me to kill myself all I did was pray why didn’t GOD bless me to get pregnant instead of being teased

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