General Intentions

by ls ()

GODS guidance , grace and blessing in my life in everything
Accept GOD’s willl
Heal Tamara & Caren and give them comfort in their grief . Help her and her family to be strong and come out of this loss soon
Job for Ravi Teja and Munish
Protect Keith JOB
Forgive and Love others especially Athai, Thelma
Peace ,love and mercy in the world especially in Syria
Peace, love and mercy in our heart
Reshma family to be united and for all the other broken families .
Vamsi should become FTE
Job for Saeed, Jason – land in NASA job successfully, Rane pooja and Amit and for all the people who are laid off today
Sophie and others health- Geetha back pain , Marie father heal him of cancer , Radhika BIL and cousin sister , everyone in world suffering from terminal illness
Athan to be healed form Haemorids ,brain problem and his heart to change and come closer to GOD
Good health for Family
nirmala Athai health
kids to be good and obeident and they should eat everything
Shawn going to church reg and his heart to change and come back to GOD and me
Shawn to get schorlship in Urbana and to pass his high school with flying colors and get good grades in IB
Shawn face should be cleared and he should grow tall
Shyann should be good , her hair should be thick and grow tall
Sumi & TIM & Abhijit to be promoted
Office work,
To work for Mark and save me from being placed under other managers especially Kapil, TIM, Hemant, Radhika and Gowsi . Save me from the mess and help me to do something I like to do .
To save us from people walking over us especially from Ayelet, Abhijit,Athai,Attachi, Athan, Kapil, Gowsi , and others working with me
Make my family like the Holy family . My husband should be healed both in body and soul be like St. Joseph and kids to return to me . Let peace and happiness flourish in my family . Friends and Relatives need to be put in place and not interfere in our lives .
Verbal and Physical abuse should stop for all people suffering
Lose weight for me and everyone in the world who is fat
Save me form the mess I am put into in office and help me to move into something that I like and will be successful and work for Mark
Set up eServices code correctly in local
Gaya and Aparna to conceive and every childless woman who love to have a child
Xavient should be here till .Net is here and they should be doing coding
Give me good health protect me from ms, diabetes.heal me from formication and itiching

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