by Lisa D Clark-Cameron ()

I don’t where to start do much had happened my financial situation has changed drastically in a year not because of job lost but because of people (Supervisor) and other employees at my job trying sabotage my professional career, by dropping the ball and blaming me and as a result demoted me and decreased salary significantly, which has affected me severely. I’ve never had to rely or depend on anyone for help and now I’m close to that, it’s depressing, I’m trying to let go and let God because my faith remains in tact, but it’s hard. I’m not special because there millions of people who are far worse off than me so I just keep it moving praying everyday and looking for other options, I have filed my taxes hoping this will allow me to get back or start to recover a.little. iim raising my two little granddaughters helping my son who lost their mom two years ago their a handful 2 and 3 year old. Y children are all adults and I’ve started all over again. God has blessed me! But it’s do hard sometimes and keep going for I know it’s his will that I’m providing these girls what they need in mothering I’m honored and blessed they’re here. I am thankful for all our Lord has blessed me with I just get overwhelmed worried and stressed sometimes especially when my financial situation is altered.

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