by sonali perera ()

Please pray that my sister tattoos and my tattoos heal properly and that they don’t get infected and that they are okay and look good after they heal. Pray that god shows me what he wants me to do in my life. I feel so lost and pray that god leads me to his will and purpose for my life. Pray that blessings, gods love, and joy pour over me and my family. Pray that I am able to go on all the Disney cruises that I want too. Pray financial blessings over my family. Pray that my sister and I I accomplish our goals and lose weight. Pray change and revival for my family. Pray that my family and I get a house. Pray that I get a better job with a company that cares about it’s employees and where I like what I do. Pray that if I am meant to write books that god shows me what he wants me to write. Pray that I wil go to all the concerts that I wanna go to. Pray that I can travel to all the places that I wanna travel too. Pray that I see all the shows that I wanna see. Pray good seasons and good times pour over me and my family and the world. Pray healing over hospitals all over the world. Pray that all the prayer requests that I have ever put in come into fruition in jesus name. Pray that healing pour over my sister and her body. Pray that the doctors find out whats wrong with her and healing over her. Pray healing over my mom. Pray good things happen to my family this year. Pray that I accomplish so many goals that I wanna accomplish. Pray that I get my drivers license this year. Pray that I lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

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