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I am standing in the need of a lot of prayers for a lot of people. All of my loved ones(my children, my family members & my friends and many others) including myself. Prayers for Salvation, strength, peace of mind in the midst of life’s storms, patience, endurance, guidance, honesty, direction, protection, healings, provisions, and discernment(spiritual)while going through trials and trusting GOD at all times or learning to trust HIM in difficult times and situations within and beyond our control. We need strength while under spiritual warfare or attacks(satanic) coming from the enemy of our souls. Prayers to stay strong in temptations, tests, and trials, and tribulations, and many other spiritual battles to stay connected and glued to JESUS and not letting HIM go and following HIS LEADING in everything we do in HIS STRENGTH. The fruits of the spiri
t are really needed under fire especially spiritual warfare. Salvation is number one for all of us because we do choose HEAVEN as our HOME whenever we leave this earth on GOD’S TIMING. Prayers always needed for all of our young under the age of 60 especially those under the age of 30. Prayers are always needed for those whom are suffering various health issues from A to Z, trails concerning their loved ones, trials of many types in every situations beyond or within our control. Prayers for all of our military, first responders, healthcare workers, essential and non-essential workers as well, home-based employment personnel, homemakers, caregivers, and blue/white collar workers too. Prayers for always our elderly in healthcare facilities or other resources. Prayers are always needed at all time for everyone in this world. Prayers are needed for all of our children, families, and relationships and individuals from A to Z. Prayers for everyone broken by their sin/sins of their own doing and not of our own doing, that’s all of us including myself to cling to GOD even most at all times and not let go of HIM. Paying without ceasing. Prayers are always needed for all of our clergies, church planters, the persecuted churches around the globe, those being persecuted for their faith in CHRIST JESUS everywhere in this world. Prayers are needed for everyone in this world from A to Z to come to the saving grace of knowing GOD/JESUS/THE HOLY SPIRIT and etc. Prayers for all those whom are hurting or broken or homeless or destitute for reasons within their control and beyond their control to stay strong and to lean of GOD and let HIM fight for us or LEAD us and to trust HIM and don’t give up on HIM because HE never gives up on anyone of us(believers or not). HE loves all of us(everyone in this whole wide world). HE is has no favorites. HE is unconditional. HE can change us for HIS GOOD. HE is GOOD at all times. You are in our prayers too.

Thank you very much
Prayer warrior

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