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Get protection, blessing, success, bonding, strength, favour,status,bless higher knowledge, wealth and fame, positive energy, positive vibrations and remove all money, marriage and relationship, problem, remove all negative, remove all black magic, all voodoo, all witchcraft, all dirty ritual, all evil forces, all vasiyam, eval, remove untouchability of God, and remove all blockage, all difficult, all struggle, remove block energy,body heat, all body pain, sick, harm, remove all prevent, anexity, stress, hardship, poverty, remove all bad luck, bad karma, adversity, all misfortune,failures, Obstruction, Magical bandage, remove all bandage, cleanse my aura ,remove imminent danger ,remove all tristi, remove all jealousy and family problem and remove all graha dosha, pitra dosha, remove obstacles, malevelent obstacles, remove all obstacles, curse, negative vibration from my home

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