by abobarin oluwafemi abraham ()

LORD JESUS, I Pray As I walk in the fear of the Lord all through this year and beyond, I shall be divinely guided into realms of supernatural abundance,By my raw obedience of faith, I shall begin to command noiseless breakthroughs all through this year and beyond, As I continue to serve God, every generational curse hanging around my life shall be supernaturally broken this year And because my God is not a robber, but a rewarder, there shall be no more dry seasons in my business and career life, All through this year and beyond, every benefit of covenant practice shall start speaking loud in my life, For every form of shame I may have suffered, there shall be double restoration for me in this year and beyond, From this year and beyond, and by reason of my covenant walk with God, I shall be feeding fat from heaven’s storehouse, As I follow divine guidance, wonders without end shall be my experience all through this year and beyond, As I continue to put the word of God to work, my life shall no longer be a question mark, but an exclamation among men, By my faith in the finished work of Christ, my health shall be fully restored this year. Through the revelation of the word, health and vitality shall be my testimony, Through the mystery of kingdom stewardship, every sickness and disease shall be taken away from my body. I believe that serving God guarantees longevity, therefore, God shall satisfy me with long life and prosperity. As I maintain a quality covenant walk with God, in the midst of this economic meltdown, I shall be scaling new heights. By my raw obedience to the law of giving and receiving, money shall become of least concern to me all through this year and beyond. As giving and receiving becomes my lifestyle, supernatural abundance shall become my testimony all through this year and beyond, As a covenant child, God’s vengeance shall answer in the camp of my enemies this year, As I continue to make bold declarations, whatever is seating on any aspect of my destiny, shall be unseated this year. As I continue to put the word to work, seemingly impossible barriers shall give way to me. As I maintain a quality walk with God, every satanic gang up against me, my family, business and career shall fall for my sake this year. Through my undying love for God, the kind of turnaround that I have never imagined shall begin to take place in my life beginning from this year all my secret tears shall be turned to public testimonies this year. As i continue to live my life, let me be endowed and be bestowed with wisdom, knowledge, understanding and retentive memory. As I continue to serve God diligently, I shall spend my days in prosperity, and my years in pleasures.AMEN! AMEN!! AMEN!!! IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. ABOBARIN OLUWAFEMI ABRAHAM. JESUS IS LORD.

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