gave up on life

i gave up on life 2 years ago if i could only stop looking back and forgive and forget if i could have hope to ever be happy again i keep saying theres no use i just quite its like im deed but still breathing praying to not wake up every day if i could fell the lord again to have the joy of salvation again if i could find happiness again to be healed of depresion and despair

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  1. you are not alone

    i too decided about two years ago to take my own life. i was going trough a rough marriage and the depression was so bad. i just was so tired and couldnt go anymore.i too prayed everyday to god to take this pain and depression away. i couldnt see it then. but thats just what he did for me. trough my trying to end my life i was reborn. our father took me out of a bad marriage. i got help and people to talk to whenever its hard to not saying try to kill yourself . i have pence for that everyday i ask for his forgiveness.but im saying you might not see it now but he may be already working in your life and you have no idea for we are never alone trough this time remember he is carrying us.pray that he sends you someone to talk to when times get rough. it helped me now i have joy and true love in my life.just know you are not alone our father loves you. just pray to him that he will take this pain someone whos been there. he will!!maybe not in the way you want but in the way that he feels is the right way.our father know what best for us. cause its him who created just hang tight sweetie. i will pray for you and keep you close to my heart today and everyday. just always remember”you are not alone”

  2. Take Control

    I heard a recent quote that said, ” Heaven and Hell exist in the space between our ears “. Breath Deeply and make the decision to take control of your emotions. Remember that God will normally give you the Ability to overcome a challenge. He wont do it for you.

    God Bless

  3. God is Love

    I will light a candle for you.

    Try this speak to strangers that you meet in the street say hello to people, smile at them. Wait and see God’s magic




  4. God has not given up on you!

    I pray to the lord that He may heal your heart. If you think you are alone, you are not. God gave you the strenght to post this prayer request, and as his children although we don’t know you, all of us who posted were sent by the Lord to give you words of encouragement. You have a friend in the lord and as his children we are all family. Don’t give up on the most precious gift that God gave you, Life. I know that sometimes we feel that the lord is not longer at our side,but he is there. Call upon Him with all your heart, so that your strenght and your spirit may be renewed like the eagle. “Psalm 51.17-19

    Lord, open my lips;

    my mouth will proclaim your praise.

    For you do not desire sacrifice;

    a burnt offering you would not accept,

    My sacrifice, God, is a broken spirit;

    God do not spurn a broken, humbled heart.”

    God Bless!

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