Gangstalking, Hate, Losing Weight, Forgiveness, Love,

by Aimee Adesso ()

Dear Father God, Saint Michael, Jesus Christ, Saint Jude,
My name is Aimee Adesso and I need your help and I am being attacked by people in Northern VA they shine their headlights at me and they call me a terrorist and I need your help and I feel disgusting and I need your help and I want to come home and I hate it here and I need some miracle and I just want to come home and be with you lord and I am sorry for everything I did in the past and now and I need your help and I hate it here VA sucks and the people here are so mean they gas light you and play games with your head and emotions and they tried to kill my dog Kaiya Katie, and I miss her so much and she was a good dog an awesome dog and my mom wants to get another Kaiya we name her Ky Lynn its what I will call her and my dog died last year in November 14th 2019 and I have been gang stalked by everyone and I missed so much church and I Need to go back and I need your help and the only thing I have left is you and that’s it and my mom had problems with her knee and I need your strength Lord Jesus Christ and Saint Jude’s help I need a miracle please AMEN

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