Gangstalking Harrasment Bullying Hate

by Aimee ()

Dear God,
My name is Aimee and I am being gangstalked and I am hated and make fun of and everyone hates me and they want me dead and they even said so. I am being gangstalked and finally my doctor talked to my mom and I am being discharged on Monday thank god. One more day on Friday and then Monday I am done and I can go back to my life and I am not going back to Friendship House I hated that place and it was a nightmare and I need support and your help and people stare and I ignore them and they hate me and now they use their cars… head lights to harass me and they are really pissed off its alot of people. They want me dead. I never had any friends or family and I need your help and I hate it here and I need your help and I am asking for Saint Michael to help me please! I can’t go through this hell again in 2020. My sister wants to take me overseas and she wants me 100% better and these people are freaky here they are crazy and angry too. I can’t deal with this and I can’t stand people. Its too much. My name is cursed and people hate me and they wanted me dead. I finally found the cable to my cell phone. I need all the help I can get! AMEN

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