by Aimee Adesso ()

Dear God, The Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Michael and Jesus Christ,

I need your help badly and I am being gang stalked and hated by so many people and they want to beat me up and kick my ass and make sure I pay the price b/c of you know who and I need your help and I saw him and he drove down my street and he was staring at me and nothing else and I know he wanted to call me names and make fun of me and he told everyone what I did and lied about it too.
Everyone believes him and they make fun of me calling me freak, psycho, loco from the spanish community and 5 yrs I had to deal with this harassment and I told the COPS and they do nothing and they want me dead too. They always say the same thing like satanic robots that they are. That’s the bitch or girl that tried to kill Dallas and they make fun of me and I didn’t do anything wrong and it was all his fault and I think I messed up on my State Department Federal Credit Union and I hate this and my check is late and my mom said you always get your check and I need to put 600 dollars down and I need your help and I hate it here. The people here suck ass and they do nothing for you! Please help me and its been 5 yrs and now 2021 is coming and its going to be 6 years of this hell. They all want me dead and shot! They all make fun of me and stare at me. They hated me so much and Thank god for COVID-19 Today is Friday! Thank god its Friday and I have to wait again and I hate the waiting part and I need your help! AMEN

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