by Halophic Prhhoes ()

Please, play for my kindred whether through fostership or through biology to be built upon Jesus as the basis of their Life for all time to come. They may not warm up to Him, since they have split up in a sense to the philosphies of life, asserting that this is the Truth, instead of the Absolute Truth in God. But may the Lord take them back on the route to Him, not allowing them to career in a sense, or even careen off it, through his fastness and fast ways in a difference senses. May the Friends to them and me also be touched upon through Jesus as well if they should run into each other’s routes, so that the annointing may be contagious to make neophytes in the world on. Sometimes it does hurt me like a sharpened sting when they do not heed me, or would rather heed another in their Philosophy, and then they don’t come home to be family with me at get-togethers. This I mean of everyone mentioned.

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