Fruit of the womb, money , jobs

by Shelly (Fulton Kentucky, US)

Deal lord I come to you as humble as I know how to thank you for all you have done for me and my family , I thanks u for protecting us , I thank you for waking us up , I thank you for keeping us close together, I thank you for forgiving me for my sins, I thank you for coming into my life even when I sin . Lord I Know u died on the cross rose again on the third day and I believe in you all things are possible through you. Nothing Is impossible just as long as I pray too you. Lord I have a few prayers I need you to answer quick fast and in a hurry . Please lord I’m begging u from the bottom of my heart. Lord I pray that when I go to the doctor next Wednesday the doctor tell me that I am 2 weeks pregnant. And lord I pray that I start my job at food rite on Monday and lord I pray that I bear a son . Lord I pray that when I wake up Saturday morning that when I look down on the floor that there’s a blue Visa card and I will pick it up then 5 minutes later I will get a text message from an anonymous person telling me my 4 digit PIN number is 2186 and lord I will call the card and on that card the money balance will be 10,000 . All of this I ask for in your most holy name . Amen

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