From an aching heart, prayer for prosperity, health, wisdom, and strength.


Dear Lord, today I come to you with an aching heart. My husband, my children, my sister, my mother and I have been through a roller-coaster in the last five years of financial problems, bad decisions, and illness. I humbly ask for your blessings. Restore our prosperity so that we can give more time to your kingdom. Restore our health so that we can get up every day and walk in your path. Restore our hearts so that we can rejoice in you the father, Jesus your son, and the Holy Ghost. Restore our mind and give us wisdom and knowledge to stay in your path and stay in prayer. Restore my husbands mother and family so that they will not do anymore harm to us. Fill theyre heart with joy and faith. Forgive them for any wrong doing for they do not know they have offended you. Fill them with the Holy Spirit so that they may know you, follow you, love you, and praise you. Most importantly, forgive me, my husband, my children, and all my family for any wrong doing. Dear Lord, I love you. I adore you,

I trust in you, I believe in you, I lean on you for I know you will strengthen me, please hear my prayer. Bless everyone that prays with me and for me.
I thank you for keeping me alive through all my illness and keeping my husband and family. I thank you for I know you will answer my prayer. I ask you all this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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