Friendship & relationship

by Roula ()

Dear Lord Jesus,

Please forgive and please be merciless on me for I am a sinner.

I am very lonely and isolated. People I thought were my friends and guys I thought loved and cared for me have lied to me , betrayed me, deceived me, made fun of me, used me and abused me, abanded me, treated me badly, gossiped about me, went out without me behind my back and when I found out didn’t think they did anything wrong, rejected me, hurt me, broke up friendships that I had with other people, were jealous of me and envied me but I don’t know why, resented me, broke my trust, disrespected me, back stabbed me when a guy showed interest in me, made plans with me then cancelled last minute, would always show up late when we made plans but if I showed up late they would get upset, wouldn’t answer my calls or text messages, would say we would catch up but never did, were never there when I needed them, would dump me when they met a guy, would drive past my house and beep, when they saw me they acted like they didn’t see me, would prank call me, would make plans with them but if something better came up they would cancel. I never got invited to anything be it a night out at a bar etc, or to a party, wedding, engagement, wedding, birthday, christening or get together. I always seem to find out about them after it happens or on Facebook and then I get lied to and say I was invited when I wasn’t. I’ve been physically, mentally and emotionally abused. I’ve been cheated on.

Lord Jesus I know I am not perfect and I’ve never said or acted like I was. I try and be a good friend and a good partner. I try and treat people the same way I want to be treated. I really don’t know why people treat me so badly. I have always found it hard to make friends and I was bullied and isolated at primary and high school. Nobody would talk to me or sit with me in class, I would spend lunch time and recess by myself, never got invited to any parties, guys would throw tennis and basketballs at me. Again I don’t know why.

Please help me meet and make some good friends. People that are around my age group, share the same interests as me, will treat me good and will include me and invite me to things.

Please Lord Jesus send me a decent guy someone that is the complete opposite of the guys I went out with I the past. Lord Jesus the guy with the qualities you know I am looking for in a guy. Please Lord Jesus help me I am very ver lonely and isolated. I spend every weekend by myself at home. Please Lord Jesus help me meet new friends which will last a lifetime and please help me meet a guy.

Please end my loneliness and isolation.

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