Friend comes in to help husband but intentions different

by SJ (NJ)

My husbands friends joined together in 2005 to start a business but one of the friend later withdrew because he said he would not want a conflict of interest with his current job, real intentions being not wanting to work for this business as he perceived it to be a waste of time, never helped the business even once . his company closed down and now came to the partners asking to join the company. The company is doing very good and he just wants to make money from the company, but acts as though he is not interested in money, he gets paid a salary + a company credit card, the first month he spent $5800 in the credit card(as though its his own) his intentions are corrupt and tries to cheat his innocent friends, God help me and guard my innocent husband from the tricky people. I pray to the god sincerely to help and guard my family. And the persons real intentions come to light.

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