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My friend is very sick. He has osteoarthritis and extreme shoulder pain since 2013, off and on. He needs to forgive his ex girlfriends and cut the soul ties. Please do it for him. He had sex with men once and is an actor and will do anything for a role. His shoulder pain is so bad right now. He is really fat, ugly, can’t sing anymore and is over the hill but still acts. He has a heavy drinking problem every night and is hungover every morning. He takes drugs and has diabetes and his eyes aren’t straight. He smokes and is depressed and has tried to commit suicide three times because of acting. He is a teacher and calls everyone legend. He swears and treats women and men roughly and is always alone. He is antichrist and needs Jesus. He has been in the ten step program for years and it hasn’t helped one bit. He is anxious and depressed. Please make it happen for him in Hollywood. My friend R also has the same issues especially the drinking, drugs and binge eating/ over eating. Thankyou. They both also have sex addiction really strong, lust, lots of partners over the years outside marriage, no kids, over 40 and never committed to anyone. They hate women and are misogynist, sexist, racist and very rich and powerful people.

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