Freedom for my family!

by Omar (Houston, Texas)

Dear God, I ask for your help to provide my family with a financial blessing to free us of our debts thereby eliminating our constant fighting that is destroying our family, marriage and health. You know that I do my very best and sacrifice myself for the good of my family.

I am not and have ever been a greedy person. I am a simple person and live a simple life. I work hard and are responsible but these financial debts and financial slavery is destroying my family, marriage and health. I ask that you assist me in finding a solution to these problems. You know the sacrifices(family, parents, employer, etc) I have made for family. Yet I am see no solution to my financial predicament even with these sacrifices.

Please enable me the opportunity to rid myself for good of all these financial problems and the constant fighting with spouse that is destroying our family, marriage and health as a result of these financial burdens. I ask for your blessing GOD. Amen.

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