Free him from Prison, Restore his life, and clear his name

by J.A. (CH)

My brother was accused and convicted of a heinous crime because he did not kept the evidences to support his defense. In fact, it was a combination of different things. A new detective eager to prove himself and to move up in the ladder.

A lawyer who didn’t supine the evidence on time and my brother’s believe in people being good and doing the right thing. My brother R.A. will be sentence at the beginning of next month and I ask you to please pray for him because he doesn’t belong in there.

If you knew the whole story the way me and my family know it you would agreed. Please pray for a miracle so God can protect him while in prison from all harm and danger. As well to free him from prison on his right timing as well as restoring his life and finances and clearing his name of all wrong doing.

God bless you all!

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