Forward boldly!!!

by Shirley ()

Think, talk, walk, smell, perform, learn boldness for God; by facing strongholds, that I think have me a couch potato. Show the enemies that there is a God, n I can resist their continue over 10 years of satan negative behaviors, tactics, insults, n etc. Resist their tactics in my entire live living breathe dash days of existence,
which is attempting to flow to my sons, their children, throughout all generations, lifting each n everyone up out of those generations stronger holds that has all generations with lace of love for God, selfs, each others, I am grieving, because of the shame, ashamed, sins, lack of wisdom,, knowledge, knowledge, compassion,love. I was an incest child, abused, u named it, it was n my invironment, I need to rebuke it, how to handle. There is that I know want to help me, n I have some ADHD wavery symptoms. O how I wish to talk them out, to clear my thought process, to release them, I am so tired of this flesh thinking it is in control.

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