Former US Naval Officer

by Carl ()

Former US Naval Officer; healthcare Executive still unemployed. Family of four to support. Been unemployed for almost 2 months now. Running out of savings due to the high cost of living in CA. Need an executive job offer breakthrough fast to avert our family experiencing financial hardship. I have over 1,800 resumes out nationwide and I am not getting any strong executive job interview requests. Please stand in prayer agreement with our family for:

– job application review, interview and hiring favor
– for hiring favor over the federal executive jobs that I have applied for
– for financial restoration and increase that allows me to leave my children’s children an inheritance
– that the OIG reports that I have submitted return not void; prove meritable and result in a huge financial blessing for our family
– for complete healing of my wife from depression and anxiety from being stressed out
– for a new home; new job and renewed energy to continue fighting the good fight.

Your brother in the lord,

Healthcare Executive
Naval Officer Veteran

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