Forgiveness, Strength, Confidence, Succees

by Thierry Fevry (U.S)

My Father, I bless thee for thy patience and forbearance. I pray that thou wilt forgive me for all the sorrow that I have made from rebellion and despair, and with thy forgiveness may I receive patience and cheerful courage. Amen.

Dear God, my Lord and Friend, give me the vision and insight to see what’s true in this confusing life of mine.

And out of all the things that I come to see are true, give me the intelligence to see what’s most important…

And when I see what’s most important, give me the understanding to know what to do about it, the strength to act on it, and the patience to see my actions through.

And help me become someone who can accept what can’t be changed. And help me develop the capacity to see what’s good in my life and this world.

And make me a kinder person.

Loving Heavenly Father!I am so worried and anxious about my studies. I am scared of my exams and I have absolutely no confidence on my own wisdomLord! You have promised to give wisdom to those who ask You. So I have come to You with faith and great expectations. Father! Forgive me for all the time I have wasted and forgive all my shortcomings. I realize the importance of my studies and I look to You for help.

I totally rely upon You Master for You are the treasure house of all wisdom and knowledge. Even now Lord! I find it difficult to cope up with all the subjects and my memory power often fails me. Please strengthen my memory power and grant me Your grace to grasp my subjects easily.

Without Your help and guidance I can never achieve any success Lord! I completely surrender myself to You and plead for Your divine guidance. Help me learn my subjects in the correct way so that I can answer my papers in an excellent manner. Please remove this fear from my mind and fill me with confidence.

I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! So I depend on You Lord Be with me while I write my exam and hold my hand! Keep me in good health and peace so that I can do well in my exams. I thank You for helping me Lord. I take success in Your mighty name. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.