Forgiveness, rebuilding, trust, and strength

by Tiffany (Birmingham, Al)

I have made so many mistakes in my 28 years on this Earth. Lord I just pray for your forgiveness, strength, and wisdom. Lord I have faced so many heartbreaking tragedies and my heart aches for healing. Please help to forgive myself and others as You forgive us. Please help me to rebuild my life, my heart, my faith, and to make amends for all those who have been affected by my actions. Please fill my heart with the joy, strength, and happiness I long for. Please help me help others in need and show them your grace.

Please lead me in the right direction and give me peace for my anxiety and depression. Please forgive me for the terrible things I have done to myself and others. Please forgive me for thinking I can control everything and for pushing you out of my life and heart.

Lord I beg of You to help me.

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