Forgiveness is the key to being free from the past.

‘Forgive him’ they said; to me

‘what?’ I said;’ really?’
you don’t know what he did to me!
I don’t need to know
just forgive him and YOU will be free
sounds like an odd concept for me
Unforgiveness will keep you bound
long after you no longer hear the voice
of his cruel words and the sarcasm of his choice
responding with sarcasm and criticism
only adds fuel to the fire
Stop it and forgive!
or in prison you’ll be
Forgive quickly; do it today
It’s time!
*** Oh what a JOY to be finally free
from his black looks and slime
*** Free to be able to smile again
to walk confidently and not be afraid
I am not a glamour-puss you see
But I am beautiful; because THE LORD GOD created me
I am HIS masterpiece -I am VALUABLE-one of a kind!
and I know He Loves me.
by Grace