forgiveness, help and blessing

by jasmine ()

Dear Lord,
i know that in my life i have committed many mistakes, i want to be a better person, a good person, a person you are proud of.
i made my parents very hurt in these years, they want me to be successful, happy and healthy;
even it’s late i want to change and make everyone proud; i want to study more even if i failed school twice, soon i will have the car license theory exam, i’m not very confident, the date of the exam will be on my mother’s birthday, i fixed the test on that date because i wanted to make my mom proud, but these days i’m feeling very low, unmotivated, i’m doing many mistakes and i can’t concentrate on studying, i want to cry and scream.
please my savior, lord, give me strength,memory, hope and luck to pass this exam;
i want to thank you for everything you gave to me, this test will be very important for my future, i want to conclude it very soon.
i can’t let down my parents another time, this maybe the last chance to prove myself, please god, save me, please help me to pass this obstacle.
i want this to be the start of my new and better life, dear god, i’m asking for your forgiveness and blessing.
help me and guide me to be a new and good person, i will always be grateful for everything.

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