Forgiveness healing love guidance and marriage

by Elizabeth (TT)

God through your divine helper n mediator St.Jude I implore that St.Jude petition to your hearing my request. St. Jude I request with all my heart that forgiveness is placed in the heart of the one my heart n mind show great love towards. May he be healed of the hurt I caused him n filled him with love and adoration for me as his girlfriend fianc and wife.

May I be able to communicate clearly to him so that other issues are from now on be dealt with in gentleness and understanding. May we press on to plan our lives together and this includes marriage. May we be given wisdom for our movements towards each other. I request guidance be imparted on us both so we can be happy in love for god n each other.

Please clear the way of person who wish to see our relationship end or continuously broken. May words of love be permitted from heaven to be placed in the mouths of everyone toward our relationship. Bless us with a family. Amen

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